Shapoorji Pallonji Northern Lights Apartment for sale Thane


Shapoorji Pallonji Northern Lights is an Apartment for sale in Thane Mumbai. Get offers on 2,3 & 4 BHK configurations. It is named as one of the tallest pillars of Thane. The project spreads across 4.8 acres (19,424.9 sq. m). Also offers a large amenity space, for you and your family to indulge into. With more than 60+ amenities & features, we can surely say that you will have quality time with your family. Mumbai is known in the Indian market for its beauty and economic significance. The town is known as India's trading hub. It was the highest priority for activities in the western part of India by multinational corporations. Nearly all well-known multinationals in this region have a branch. This is why most of the professionals are thinking of a job and settling later on in this area.



Shapoorji A profitable market for immobilizer developers was also created by the high demand of residential properties. They have chosen to build a luxury residential platform called this opportunity. Pokhran Road, Thane. This new project would reflect luxury homes for affluent families who are looking for exclusive property that lead a comfortable life in a brilliant setting. The genius has built an interesting home seeker forum in the India real estate industry. His new location Thane is the sought-after residential project for families. The developer planned a project to address all the needs of a modern family. After a close evaluation of the demand and of the requirements, she has developed a unique concept to meet the whole community. Of course, families will find the greatest comfort in living in this project easier. Each member of the family will be equipped with unique diverse advantages and services to live a wonderful life. Now, the idea is being released. The developer chose a huge piece of land to make it a dream residential infrastructure, according to the last details of his project plan. For those looking for spacious 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK premium apartments, The Project will offer Thane. That unit has plenty of floor space for a family's needs. The design is carried out in compliance with the RERA Rule Book guidelines. Most of the developed land is left open so as to provide greenery and fresh air to the potential tenants.

The city offers an excellent environment for investment in real estate with a significant promise of future returns. The city planners opened the doors for the acquisition of open land to new and promising outskirts. Thane is one of those promising spots that is well connected to the rest of the city. Shapoorji Pallonji's recent flagship construction of Shapoorji Pallonji Northern Lights will be the best bet for families in the years ahead. Professionals would find it easier to travel easily to their workplaces every day.



  • The Imperial - Mumbai
  • Chenani-Nashri Tunnel - Jammu & Kashmir
  • Palace of the Sultan of Oman - Oman
  • Fairmont Bab Al Bahr - Abu Dhabi
  • Malabar Hill Reservoir - Mumbai
  • World Trade Centre - Mumbai
  • MCA Stadium - Pune
  • Buddh International Circuit - Greater Noida
  • Oberoi Towers - Mumbai
Apartment in Thane

Shapoorji Pallonji Northern Lights

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The best bet for a family and Professionals is Shapoorji Norther Lights and should find it easier to enter their workplaces every day. The railway and the arterial routes offer the shortest routes to the city's leading industrial centres.

Towers of Thane


Pallonji Such hybrid apartments (2 + 2 BHK) are designed for people who prefer to live larger and above the 34th floor. Each completely air-conditioned house has facilities such as home automation and modular cuisine. Project offers homes to make you feel at top of the world in one of Thane's favorite residential spots. It is near to both major buildings and sights greatly enhances its appeal. Pokhran Road No. 2 is well linked to prominent roads and has a robust growth in social infrastructure like schools, hospitals, shopping centers and more. The property is on the list of many people in city. This town attracts a large number of high-end buyers who want a few luxury homes. The hotspot for luxury homes for billionaires. But how do you ensure the house is luxurious? Whether it's a luxury apartment, villa or penthouse, it's luxurious for some factors. The following specifications include a luxurious house: High-Quality Construction, Upmarket locality, Aspirational Neighborhood, Trendy built up, Amenities. An apartment can also be a luxury home. Many luxury apartments have received buyers ' attention. In some highly prized parts of city real estate constructors have come up with many projects. Apartments are top picks in South Mumbai, Worli, Lower Parel. Here are a few more areas for ultra-luxury apartments.

South Mumbai: The hippest part in city is South Mumbai or SoBo. The city is frequented by the elites, thanks to its iconic landmarks, famous schools, restaurants, hotels and so on. You'll find the dreamy luxurious apartments facing the sea in places like Nariman Point, Juhu etc. Worli: Worli is a beautiful and classy spot to own a luxury apartment, with a seaside walk with a view of the Arabian Sea, and the lovely Bandras-Worli Sea connection. In Worli, the big immobilizers in the town have operations. Therefore, apartments are in great demand in Worli.

Lower Parel is more like a business hub with corporate giants with their offices. A mixture of corporate parks and non-commercial spaces like residential buildings, shopping centers and restaurants. Because of the proximity to these parks, this is a prime location for luxury houses. Lower Parel apartments offer you the best connectivity to your job if it's also in Lower Parel.

Khar: Khar is a highly valued, exclusive for apartments. This comprises Bollywood celebrities ' residences and production houses. The sport clubs and gym in Khar are some of most prestigious. It is near many renowned schools, pharmacies, parks, restaurants and so on.

Bandra: Bandra people attend for the well-known Bandra Bandstand and the Bandra-Worli Sea Link. There is a range of luxury homes in areas such as Carter Road or Pali Hill, etc.

NorthernInvesting in Shapoorji Pallonji Norther Lights a new house or apartment is one of your most important choices and is undoubtedly a concept you've been cultivating since a very young age. You can not let years of savings and planning go when you reach the final decision at the right time. So before you take the leap and make a choice, you need to consider all possible points. You need to be extra careful, since purchasing a house might also mean taking Shapoorji Pallonji Norther a good amount of credit and monthly installments from your income. Although some of the main considerations are location, date of ownership, and price, during the zeroing in of a new house or apartment, some more parameters have to be taken into consideration while buying a new flat. It is the following:

Property Price : A budget (Norther Lights) is the first move to pick a house or apartment. If you know how much you are willing to spend on it, it makes it easier to find a house. If the constructor has given you a genuine offer, equate the price of the property in dispute with the price of different builders around it.You can find many ways to compare properties. Such sources are portal lists, local brokers or newspaper lists.
Carpet: Generally, the entire including the shafts, lifts, stairs and thickness of walls and others is classified in a property or super-constructed. The actual is the walls of the flat. It can be 30 percent less than the built-up area or in which the price of the property is calculated. Sometimes the price of the common areas is split between two owners when a floor is shared.

Land Records: Your flat is built on land of great importance. The land on which the house is built should be investigated in terms of soil quality and topography. It is also necessary to clear the plot of all dues and record it. The title certificate must be verified and Norther in detail before Northern house is purchased. The act provides all details on the rights, property ownership and property obligations.

LightsLegal Check: Ensure that the property is legally permitted on the plot on which it stands. Approvals and NOCs from development agencies, the water and sewage boards and municipal corporations should be provided to the developer. However, if you take a home loan, your property documents will be validated by the bank before the loan is punished.

Completion Date: It has grown into the trend of delayed property ownership due to delays in business and residential projects. A clear estimate of the schedule for ownership should also be provided as a buyer. Usually, a developer requests a six-month period but a valid explanation should be provided for it. Northern is on Schedule.

Loan: The banks that are eager or unable to fund other construction companies should be clear to you. Many banks are not providing loans to certain contractors because of their bad reputation. It is therefore very important to check with the banks to finance the project on which you plan to invest Shapoorji Pallonji Northern is the best choice.

Location: It is important not to forget that you should look around where you will live eventually. It is important to analyze the amenities, physical infrastructure and the access to all basic places. These factors help you to live in the house peacefully. The apartment should be in a safe and safe place, giving families living in the property a little security. Shapoorji Pallonji Northern Lights is the best choise when compared with all the available options.

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  • 680 - 780 sq.ft (Carpet Area)
  • All Units are Vaastu compliant
  • 1330 sq.ft (Carpet Area)
  • All Units are Vaastu compliant
  • 1374 sq.ft (Carpet Area)
  • All Units are Vaastu compliant